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My love to help people started with my grandfather. My life as a massage therapist became clear after I graduated from Branford Hall Career Institute in 2013 and the love only got stronger. I have experience in both spa and medical settings. It is my passion to deliver healing and pain relief to everyone that crosses my path. My style is a fusion between eastern and western techniques. Which provides me with the skills to listen carefully, plan and customize each session to the clients need. I am a strong believer in patient education and patient responsibilities. It is truly an honor to be a part of your body recovery.


Field Coordinator

 I've spent my time with children, helping others in communities and reaching out to others in need across Connecticut. I was severely injured in my shoulder, arm, and neck. The pain I was in was crippling, I've struggled for a long time to get back on top of my health but with the help from my daughter (Kristina) and her fused massage sessions, stretching and some hard work. I can now move, jump and focus on helping her build an ultimate health sanctuary. It's my goal in life to see people free, active and healthy. It would be an honor to have you in our care.

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