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#1: Drink water before and after a stretch.

#2: Stretch before and after any activity or work.

#3: Take your time in the video, Rushing only sets you back. 

#4: Always breathe, nice and slow. 

6 seconds in,  8 seconds out 

#5: Props can help you get into position and takes the strain on your joints.

 Use during stretches


(How to Use pictures below )

( pillows, yoga blocks, yoga  bolster, towel, chair, stool, yoga ball, foam rollers, resistance band.)

Level: Easy 

Pregnancy: Mom Life

Low Back Tension, Shoulder Pain, and Leg Fatigue.


Lower Body: Uses 

Relieves Sciatica, Leg Spasm, and Tingling.

Level: Mild 

Upper Body: Uses

 Tension released from Neck, Spine, and Chest.

Foam Rolling: Uses

Lengthens and Moves Fluid through the muscle.

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