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Booking an Appointment:

Spa at Home LLC needs 24 hours after the initial request to book a service. We arrive at least 15 minutes before to set up the table and equipment, any medical forms are brought by Spa at Home therapist. All medical history forms are to be filled out before the session, both copies (4 pages) are on our website. If you have preferred music or oil please don't hesitate to have it ready.  Spa at Home LLC doesn’t offer same-day appointments. A credit/debit card is optional to schedule, pay for, and holds appointments. The credit/debit card on file is charged for cancellations and payments only with the addition of a $4 processing fee is applied to the card that is on record. Cash payment is available (cash payment before service). Tips are always welcomed.

If you live outside of the servicing area a $20 traveling is applied per city. Please start booking from Tier 3 and then the traveling fee is applied to the price.


Covid-19 update

Sanitization and Room Ventilation Requirements (edit 1/02/21)


  • The therapist is required to wash their hands up to the forearm before and after every massage.

  • Use only clean hypoallergenic linen.

  • Our equipment will be cleaned daily.

  • We begin each day with a clean uniform.

  • We will only use a closed lubricant with a dispensing mechanism.

  • The therapist will wear a sweatband or have a towel nearby

  • The therapist must wear a mask during the massage.

  • We will never treat the clients face after feet.

  • The room in which the massage table will be must have a fan on and windows open. (AC is not preferred)

  • A plastic cover will be placed under the sheets but over the fleece for protection from bacteria.

Same Day Cancellation Services:

For scheduled services, a 24-hour cancellation notice by Email, before the initial requested date/time must be made, or there will be a $30 to $45 fee (vary by service time). If cancellation is within 8-hours or less of the initial requested scheduled time, then the full price of the service will be charged with the addition of a $4 processing fee is applied to the credit/debit card on file. If the client pays in cash, the amount owed is to be paid before 8 pm on the same day of service scheduled via invoice, card, or cash payment. If any amount is owed/overdue to Spa at Home LLC, all service requests, scheduled, or upcoming are frozen instantly until the owed amount balance is repaid. 


Cancellations at time of arrival:

If for any discriminatory reason at all our therapists show up at your door to complete the service, and you turn them away or refuse Spa at Home LLC service for any biased, racist, or bigot reason or action. A full-priced service fee is charged to the credit/debit card on file.  If the client pays in cash, the amount owed is to be paid the same day of service scheduled via invoice or card, or cash payment. Spa at Home LLC will not allow you to re-book with our therapist or company anymore.

Late Arrival:

If our therapist is running late over the initial start time, the minutes will be counted and made up at the end up (keeping full time) until the 15-minute mark. Anytime passes the 15-minute mark will be counted and rolled over to the next massage session schedule. If the client is running late, only 5-minutes will be made up at the end of the session. Anything past the 5 minutes mark is not counted. The time slot requested/filled at that time is required to be paid in full at the end of service.

Booking for Events and Parties:

To schedule an Event or Party services, a Debit/Credit card must be put on file before the initial request for a date/ time is made. 

Cancellations for Events and Parties:

For scheduled event services, a 72-hour cancellation notice before the initial request date/ time must be made, via Email or a full-service fee is charged to the credit/debit card on file.


Electronic Gift Cards:

Gift cards are valid only with Spa at Home LLC. The value of this Gift Card will not be replaced for cash unless required by law. The value of this Gift Card will not be replaced if this card is damaged, lost, or stolen. Offers may not be combined with this card. Prices and services are subject to change and may vary by client's location. ALL GIFT CERTIFICATE SALES ARE FINAL ~ this means NO REFUNDS. Gift Cards must be present at the time of massage. 

Age Limitations:

Spa at Home LLC massage and spa treatments are safe for ages 8 and up. Children, 8 – 17-year-olds must have a parent or guardian present before, during, and after the session.

Promo Code Policy:

Coupon codes are limited to one per customer per purchase and are good for one-time use only per customer and can only be used on full-price services or merchandise. Coupon Codes cannot be applied to sale items or combined with any other offers or promotions. 
Promo codes cannot be redeemed for cash.
Promo codes cannot be applied to prior purchases.
Promo codes cannot be applied to Custom Event purchases.
Only one promo code can be used per purchase and cannot be combined with any other promo codes, offers, or discounts you may already be receiving.
Promo codes expire at 8:00 p.m. ET.


A mobile massage therapist may gather information from you during the scheduling process, and this is considered to be verbal consent. Before the therapist begins the scheduled session, the client will also be required to fill out a medical history form for your protection, and ours, this is to be considered as written consent.


In the event, the damage is accidentally done in your home while using Spa at Home LLC services, (i.e., our therapist has a candle wax spill, bumps a door frame, knocks over a vase or any other damages) our therapists are directed to have you fill out an incident report, take photos, and they are to provide you with their insurance information. Spa at Home LLC uses only licensed, insured, and certified independent contractors. If you choose not to do any of the above and our therapist leaves your home, they are no longer liable for any damages that happened during their stay on your premise.

Therapeutic Massage:

Spa at Home LLC is strictly a therapeutic, non-sexual massage. The session is terminated upon any illicit or sexually suggestive remarks or advances. A full-service fee will be charged to the credit/debit card on file, and a refund will not be issued, and we will file a complaint with the local police department.

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