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9am - 1pm 


Tuesday - Saturday

  2pm - 8pm   

Pick Your Health Path

Emotional Balance Path

(This path is for you)

The path is for you if you are stressed, fatigued, in doubt, feel like life is in chaos, feel negative energy, dizzy, anxiety or confused. When your mental and spiritual body break down and the effect is felt on at the physical level. 

Appointment time:

Every 3 Days - 1 a week:

Session Type- Energy Massage or

Foot Massage

Pain Related Path

(This path is for you)

This path is for a person with a lifestyle of routine movements like twisting, lifting, typing, sitting, etc. Where wear - tear has set in.  Staying in the same range of motion, limiting the body's ability to defend itself against tear, ripped and injury to the muscle and bones. Your body's natural reaction/defense is weakened by contracted muscle fibers aching, throbbing with inflammation and sensitive to the local area.

Appointment times:

Every 1 week - 2 weeks:

Session Type- Deep Tissue Massage or

Hot Stone

Injury Related Path

(This path is for you)

This path is for a person that has been harmed in an accident or ignored the pain for too long to where you might have some torn ligaments, scar tissue built up, had broken bones, had surgery or maybe limited joint movement.

Appointment times:

Every 2 weeks - 3 weeks:

Session Type- Sports Massage or

Warm Bamboo

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 Maintenance Path 

(This path is for you)

This path is for a person's with a lifestyle of mental disciple and body awareness through daily mediation with consistent swimming, lengthening of muscles, increasing mobility in the joints, strengthening the core and spine, detoxification of the skin, organs, and muscles by soaking or sauna. 

Appointment times: 

Every 3 weeks - Month:

Session Type-  Swedish Massage

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